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Duotone Aero free foil set


Early take off, exciting speeds, good pump and glide. Also a great choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with advanced level will love the range of the 1250! This is definitely a very popular size in the Free range covering through all disciplines of Wing, Windsurf and Prone Foiling.

Our new 1500 is very user-friendly and ticks all the boxes: early take off, stable flight and good pumping capabilities. You can’t go wrong with the 1500 Free. Lighter riders can learn on this wing or use it as their light wind weapon. Heavier riders will love the range of what can easily be a one wing quiver.

A great light wind wing suited to intermediate riders in the 70 – 90kg range. Glides along  effortlessly and lets you practice your tacks and gybes with full control. Our 1750 still has very decent speed for its size and coupled with our 250 C Stabilizer it’s a very fun wing to carve around.

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