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Tabou Rocket Plus LTD 2022 ( 143 )


143 237 85 8.0 Foil Box (Deep Tuttle)


The Rocket+ LTD masters the balancing act between peak performance and user-friendliness to perfection and makes breath-taking speed easy to handle. A low entry rocker provides early planing power and control, even when the blasting at full speed in overpowered and choppy conditions. The front V double concave leads to impressive power that converts into acceleration and top speed together with the cut-outs in the tail section. Still the Rocket+ carves comfortably in a controlled manner during jibes due to its thin rails, which allows you to keep the speed easily. Multiple foot strap positions round out the versatility and performance potential for all riders with an outside position for experts and a more centered position for intermediates.

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