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Tabou Bullit 2022 ( 145 )


145 258 76 10.00 Power box Center Fin
155 266 76 11.00 Power box Center Fin


Not only experienced freeride windsurfers will be fascinated by the easy-to-use planing power of the Bullitt, the whole family and all friends will appreciate the board just as much, making their first steps onto a windsurfing board. Tabou’s ever so popular Rocket freeride board with its smooth speed, controllability and easy jibing forms the foundation of the Bullitt’s design with an optimized volume distribution. A large EVA pad offers safety and comfort during the first windsurfing sessions, while multiple foot strap positions allow you to get planing for the very first time and race across the local spot once you’re fully hooked on windsurfing. Each size is specifically designed for its particular field of use with the mid-sized boards featuring an optional centre fin and the 185 a daggerboard.

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